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all the secret ways to be, hidden in that wayward glancing

gladys zybisco
27 January 1985

I am female, 24. I am married and I have two cats. I work in a cubicle, and I find this hilarious. I have a healthy obsession with classic Hollywood. I have vague ambition to do something interesting like write a book someday, but I'll probably keep working in a cubicle and wasting time on the internet.

In my spare time I maintain two tumblrs: Ronald Colman and Standing Still. I also maintain (if you can call it that) Let's Be Common, a film blog. I reckon that I'll update it once every two months. Quite prolific.

18th century, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, abba, absolutely fabulous, adam lambert, alfred hitchcock, american history, anachronisms, anni-frid lyngstad, benita hume, benny andersson, bette davis, betty white, blossom dearie, busby berkeley, campiness, carole lombard, cary grant, charles boyer, charlie chaplin, christopher guest, classic film, coffee, david bowie, david o. selznick, daydreaming, dead white men, dusty springfield, early 19th century, elliott smith, ernst lubitsch, esoterica, fdr, frank borzage, george cukor, george sanders, going to the library, greta garbo, griping about things, groucho marx, houseplants, humphrey bogart, insomnia, international relations, irene dunne, jack benny, jacques brel, jean arthur, jean harlow, jimmy stewart, joan fontaine, john adams, john lennon, john quincy adams, kate bush, kids in the hall, kirsty maccoll, kitties, lady gaga, larry david, lillian roth, listening to music, martin tielli, match game, monty python, mst3k, my amateur photoshop attempts, myrna loy, old game shows, old hollywood, orson welles, otr, outdated slang, peter sellers, pithy quotes, political history, politics, pop music, pre-code hollywood, procrastination, queen, reading, rheostatics, rock 'n' roll debauchery, ronald colman, ronald colman's voice, ruth chatterton, scott walker, seinfeld, serge gainsbourg, shamelessly big hair, shininess, shoes i can't afford, sleeping, so bad it's good, succulents, tea, the american revolution, the beatles, the brontes, the colbert report, the early american presidency, the golden girls, the marx brothers, the mohawk valley, the sims 2, the smiths, the studio system, the who, thomas jefferson, thomas paine, vegetarian cooking, verbosity, voices, weepy melodramas, what's my line?, william powell, william wyler, woodrow wilson, word play, world war i